Our Process

The Cleaning Process

Your bin will be cleaned using a state-of-the-art and specially designed mobile bin cleaning unit. Our specially designed equipment will pick up two bins at a time and exposed to 3500 psi, 185 degrees Fahrenheit hot water to kill any bacteria in your bins. The water used to clean your bins is clean water. We will collect the dirty recycled water preventing it from being dumped in your driveway and drains which may happen if you cleaned it yourself. To keep your bin smelling fresh we will spray the inside with an environmentally friendly and biodegradable deodorizer which will not only eliminate bad smells but will also kill 99.99% of germs.

If there is any disruption to your pick-up service we will reschedule your clean to match your pick-up day. If you would like to make other arrangements please contact us directly.

Disclaimer: We understand your bins may have loose debris in them, we will happily bag this and return it to your bin after service. In the case of excessive items in your bins, it may result in us being unable to perform the service.

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